4045.dk is a research forum, covering the
German occupation of Denmark 1940 - 45.


We are a group of historians (450) who research the German occupation of Denmark.

To foreign guests

Our forum is free but restricted to join. We select our users from incoming emails with requests.

We possess serious knowledge, many photos and documents, regarding all German and allied activity. We arrange historic trips and meetings were we exchange knowledge. We also represent some of the WWII museums in Denmark.

We are specifically interested in foreign guests with historic interest in this period, and also veterans and relatives to soldiers who where here, including those who flew missions over Denmark during the period 1940 -1945.

Our forum is danish, but we do speak both English and German, please send us an email, explaining your interest admins@4045.dk  - and you can join the forum.

We are absolutely non-political, and we reject to any racial or nazi sympathy. Our interest is based on historic facts, no more - no less.